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How Can Your Roof Help You Save on Energy Costs?

Talk to anyone about summers in Georgia, and they’ll more than likely start with the hot, Georgia temperatures. We're only in the month of June and it’s already brutal out there.

So, when the hot Georgia sun is beating down, how hot do you think your rooftop gets?

90 degrees?


120 degrees?

An unshaded roof can reach up to 160 degrees F when the outside temperature is only 90 degrees.

What do these high temperatures mean for your roof and how does this heat affect your energy costs?

We’re glad you asked. 😊

There’s no question that heavy rain and wind causes problems with your roof, but so can the high temperatures outside.

  • UV rays can damage your roof over time, by drying out the materials which can cause your roof to crack.

  • Your roof can also experience thermal shock with extreme heat during the day and colder night temperatures. This can cause your roof to expand and contract too quickly, which can also cause damage to your roof.

Whether it’s through extreme storms or high temperatures, your roof has a big job to do every day in protecting your home from the harsh, outside elements.

Your roof also helps to keep a more energy-efficient and comfortable home, and a more energy-efficient home means, you save money.

Here are a few ways a quality roof can help cut down on energy costs:

Keep Your Attic Cool

Proper ventilation is an important part of your roof design. The pros at Prodigy Roofing will ensure that your roof has efficient airflow throughout the attic by drawing cool outdoor air into the space through the intake vents and allowing hot, moisture-filled air to escape outside through the exhaust vents. With a properly ventilated roof, we make sure that we prevent heat from building up in your attic, which will allow your home to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature inside. A well-ventilated roofing system will help your air conditioner not to work so hard which will reduce your energy costs.

Insulate Your Home

Just like a properly ventilated roof, it is also important there is sufficient insulation in your attic. This will help your roof to keep the outside hot temperatures from seeping into your attic. The insulation will also help your cool inside temperatures not to rise to the attic and escape through the roof. The pros at Prodigy Roofing recommend you have your insulation and ventilation checked regularly from a roofing professional.

Invest in a High-Quality Roof

Prodigy Roofing uses high-quality asphalt shingles with advanced reflective technology. With our high-quality roofing system, our roofs help to eliminate the risks of heat buildup in the attic as well as providing daily protection from the outside elements.

Check Your Shingle Color

It makes sense that darker roofs would tend to absorb more heat from the sun than the lighter shingle shades. Prodigy Roofing offers color-reflecting shingles, which can help reduce heat transfer to the attic and inside the rest of your home, even with darker shingle colors.

Let's go over how your roof can help keep your home safe from the outside elements and save you money. Make sure your roof is not damaged; that you have proper ventilation and insulation; and, that your roof has color-reflecting shingles to work for you to cut down on energy costs.

If you’re experiencing higher energy bills in the summer and it’s been a while since you’ve had your roof inspected, what should your next step be?

Contact Prodigy Roofing!

Prodigy Roofing offers FREE, no-obligation roof inspections.

Whether you need a roof repair or a roof replacement, Prodigy Roofing is your Greensboro, Georgia, and Lake Oconee roofing professional for roofing done right! We will evaluate your roof and give you solutions to help keep your home more comfortable and more energy-efficient.

For a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor in the Greensboro and Lake Oconee area, look no further than Prodigy Roofing. Our fully trained and certified roofing team will deliver top-notch workmanship and roofing products to help you save money with a more energy-efficient roof and home.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE roof evaluation at

Or call us at 470-496-2913

We’re Atlanta’s local roofer, based in Greensboro and servicing Lake Oconee and all of Georgia!

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