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Atlanta's Local Roofer, based in Greensboro, servicing Lake Oconee and all of Georgia.


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Trust us, your local roofer in Greensboro, Lake Oconee, Atlanta and all of Georgia, if you got leaks dripping into your home, I think it is safe to say you need roof work done. While your concerns may not be as severe as you may think, a comprehensive roof inspection could be the difference between a roof on its way to disarray, or a roof being ushered into repair.


Prodigy Roofing can be that differentiator for you and your property with just one call!

Roof repair work can be tricky business from time to time. A minor issue could result it in a catastrophic one over the years, and that is why you should trust your roofing contractor, Prodigy Roofing, to intervene in the conflict and provide the necessary resolution to get the roofing system back in working order.

Some of the many potential roof repair necessities derive from these likely suspects…


Pesky lumber can be a problem – particularly if its branches and limbs are cascading down upon your roof. Prodigy may not be tree experts, but we know enough about roofing to understand that they can be a real problem when it comes to the longevity and care of your roof. Reach out to us so we can help you explore avenues in solving your tree problems and get you in contact with the right landscapers to assist your home.  Let Prodigy assist you with roof repairs in the meantime.




While we may be a local roofer, we are not be meteorologists, we know when a storm blows in because that’s when the phones start ringing off the hook. Weather is the leading cause of roof damage, and we understand that no matter what the problem is (rain, wind, snow, hail) we can help assist in bringing the roof back into working order. Even if its light spring showers or a torrential downpour, rain can be a destructive force to a property owner. We are a capable roofing contractor that is available no matter what the damage involves, and we amplify our availability during emergency weather conditions. Take our Storm Damage Quiz.



You wouldn’t believe how much of our work involves fixing the problems created by former roofing contractors. Hiring an incompetent roofer can be extremely detrimental to your roof (and your finances). If your roofing system is marginally new and you are already experiencing problems, verify to see if your warranty is at all still in place. If your roofing system cannot be fixed by the unqualified roofers out there, don’t hesitate to contract us for our premier services.



The most important factor in discerning a damaged roof from a fully operational roof is likely consistent and practical maintenance. Prodigy Roofing specializes in dependable maintenance services to our roofing customers, and we can put your property’s roof on an annual or bi-annual maintenance schedule to ensure your roof lasts as long as you do (don’t forget, we are roofers, not doctors).

Roof repairs can be expensive – let us do the due diligence through a comprehensive roof inspection to verify its condition, age, and quality life-cycle. Roof replacements do happen, particularly if your property has not received a recent inspection. However, if your roofing system is treated with proper maintenance and routine inspections, maybe a minor roof repair is the cure to your damaged roof.


Call Prodigy Roofing today to schedule a FREE Roof Repair Inspection, and allow us to guarantee our quality services will be met by you.

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