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Corner of a Roof Gutter


Homeowners in Greensboro, Lake Oconee, Atlanta and all of Georgia, gutters are a common addition to any proper home or business, and are essentially a necessity based on the roofing system implemented. Much like the roof, gutters and downspouts play a versatile part in exterior defense to the elements mother nature throw their way. Over the years, these supplemental systems wear down, particularly when they are beaten and battered by surrounding tree limbs, branches, wildlife, and more.



There are a lot of tell-tale signs out there when a gutter system requires repairs or replacements. Water is typically the biggest representation of when there is a problem – particularly where it ends up. Basement flooding, along with pooling around the property are major signs that a gutter repair may be in your property’s future. Peeling paint on exterior walls, as well as cracks and rusting on the exterior of the gutters are also signs that point to rising concerns.



Sometimes, these signs are not always so in your face. A slight uneven set in a gutter system or a slight pull away from the structure of the building can be the difference between a working gutter and a failing runoff system. Having partially damaged or failing gutters can cause tremendous foundation complications in and around the property, and can cause serious damage in the long run. If you believe any of these issues may be impacting your roofing system, call our experts to schedule a free, comprehensive site visit.

​We will provide a thorough analysis of the property, the gutter system, and the roof if requested, and in turn communicate to the customer a developed report of the condition of the gutter and what may be required to fix the problem. Our roofing and gutter experts are professionally trained in analyzing the issues that may arise on a property’s roof and gutter system and will work with the owners to devise a strategy to meet the short-term and long-term needs of the property.



Debris caused by weather damage can be detrimental to the life cycle of your roof’s gutter system, and our team is available to respond to emergency gutter problems. We do not want your home to be vulnerable for an extended period without professional intervention – let Prodigy Roofing swoop in to save the day and bring your gutters back into working order.

We offer a variety of quality gutter types, including half-round, seamless, and more, coupled with leaf guard products, catch boxes, and more. A professionally designed roof must be complemented by a quality gutter system, and we have a variety of finishes that incorporate custom colors and baked enamel to provide an attractive aesthetic as well as a lasting product that will operate in tandem with the roof in place.

Our team of gutter experts can arrange scheduled maintenance for your property and to help assist your existing gutters to last. We are also experienced in designing water conservation strategies that allow for custom, downspout catch basins that can be used for gardening and landscaping assistance.


Our professionals at Prodigy Roofing are available for consultation regarding all the gutter concerns that may need to be addressed.​

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