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Atlanta's Local Roofer, based in Greensboro, servicing Lake Oconee and all of Georgia



With a history of providing residential roofing services to Greensboro, Lake Oconee,  Atlanta and all of Georgia communities, Prodigy Roofing is also incorporates commercial roofing into our service offerings for local business organizations.


Our professional roofing specialists are familiar with working with local business owners, commercial property owners, and business representatives to negotiate the most quality services for their business, all while providing the safest and most efficient project site available. We make sure to deliver our roofing services in the least conflicting ways possible, to help ensure our commercial roofing customers can continue to run their business smoothly with minimal distractions involved.

Over the years, we understand that business structures can fall into disarray, which becomes a real concern for property owners who are repeatedly in search for new and reputable tenants. This can be a struggle for everyone involved, and a real conflict of interest for property owners over time.

Reach out to Prodigy Roofing and allow us to provide valuable commercial roofing services to your property that you may need and involve us in your decision-making process to guarantee the highest return on investment for your property.

As contributing Greensboro business owners, we understand the pressures involved in running a business. Our team of commercial roofers can deliver a variety of roofing services for businesses that include some of the following professional roofing services below.


Serving as residential roofing contractors as well as commercial roofers, we aim to provide the best metal roofing services Gwinnett County has to offer. We have a variety of different metal materials at our disposal, including solid steel, galvanized steel, and more, depending on the requirements of your property and the budget involved in commercial roofing installation.


A simpler way of saying thermoplastic olefin, TPO refers to a blending of polymer that involves a mix of rubber and thermoplastic that is used to resist sun damage allowing for commercial roofs to withstand years of Georgia heat. We understand the intricacies involved in TPO membrane installation and can provide affordable implementation to a variety of commercial structures.


An intricate process in and of itself, PVC membrane installation is much like TPO; PVC roofing installation is something the Prodigy Roofing has the ability to incorporate in any number of commercial properties and we understand how crucial it is for a proper installation. Our disciplines in PVC are developed, and Prodigy has the experience to complement a number of businesses with a high-quality PVC roof that will not fail prematurely due to a correct, initial install by our experts.


Using modern technology through mobile drone photography coupled with our trained eye for all things roofing, our team of professionals can provide our commercial customers a full no-cost, no-obligation site visit. Our techniques guarantee that we will  discover all the potential problems that may be inflicting the properties roof in the most accurate and efficient manner. Call us today to schedule a commercial roof inspection for your business and we will help arrange the best time for all parties involved.​

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