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Lockwood Mansion

Aerial View

Lockwood Mansion

Lockwood Mansion from the Vampire Diaries fame gets a new roof.

Fichner Home

Historical Home gets a new roof.

Fichner Historic Home

Aerial View
"Prodigy Roofing did an outstanding job, my roof looks beautiful. It's a real blessing to have such a nice roof. Thank you Prodigy Roofing!!!"
Donavan Graves
"Great team, excellent work, and reasonable cost. The team that came to my house was so well behaved, haven't created any mess and managed everything on their own. Your Excellency is worth all the praise. Keep up the good work."
Warner Bryant
"Prodigy is the best roofing company I’ve ever used they were on time did a fantastic job.communication was great they did everything they said they would and they warranty their work unlike others that say they do but never come through I will recommend prodigy to everyone you will be impressed"
Duane Conklin
"I was so pleasantly surprised to finally have a company do exactly what they promised. And I'm usually very skeptical but this company is great.
The roofing crew was extremely efficient and professional. And the job was supervised through the whole process! Not a piece of trash left behind!
It looks fantastic. I highly recommend Prodigy roofing."
Carol Monroe
"Thank you guys for the awesome work you did on replacing my roof and cleaning up afterwards..Great job!!"
Arthur Jackson
I’d like to thank Prodigy Roofing for their professionalism, knowledge and outstanding work. Jeremy from Prodigy, managed to accomplish what 10 previous roofing contractors could NOT. He provided key factors that helped me work with my home owners insurance (USAA) to approve a new roof that was 28 years old. From the initial meeting, to the crews doing the work, the team at Prodigy roofing were stellar!
Guy Pressler